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When Georgia business owners Ken and Beth needed help getting their business online, they started here…

Ray Kroc got it right when he launched McDonald’s. He understood that systems were required to run a successful business.

So when Ken and Beth decided to put their business online, they knew they too needed a system that had the ability to educate and convert visitors and prospects that landed on their website!

And that’s when they called on Georgia Internet Marketing Center to design a website and online marketing plan for their Atlanta based home inspection company.

2 Things Will Determine Your Success on the Internet…

  1. Your ability to drive targeted visitors and prospects to your website
  2. And your website’s ability to convert those visitors and prospects into paid clients (or getting them to take the next step in your sales process)

Ignoring just one of these steps can have a devastating affect on your business. Many people don’t realize this, but designing the website piece is the easy part… The two steps above is where most people miss the boat and sink!


Most websites suck and even if you tried to give your product or service away, you’d be shocked at how few people would take you up on your offer. My FREE course is designed to help you build an entire marketing system from the ground up that sells for you 24/7…

Check out the FREE modules below… No specialized skills or knowledge required. The way I teach is so simple, even my 12 year old daughter has already started making money online!

The entire “web design” course is online and you’ll have access to them 24/7 to work around your own schedule. Georgia Internet Marketing Center’s staff is available to assist, and answer any questions you may have as you progress through the online course.